The list below gives only those CB publications that focus on the criminal justice system. The bulk of these have been published over the last ten years.

Systematic Review

Brooker, C., Repper, J., Beverley, C and Ferriter, M (2003)

Mental Health Services and Prisoners: a Review for the Department of Health

Brooker, C., Sirdifield,C and Gojkovic,D (2007)

Mental health services and prisoners: an updated review

Brooker,C., Repper,J., Sirdifield,C and Gojkovic,D (2009)

Review of service delivery and organisational research for prisoners with mental disorders

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A Systematic Review of Research Relating to the Epidemiology of Mental Health Disorders in Prison Populations: A Summary of Findings

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Sirdifield, C. (2012)

The Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders amongst Offenders on Probation: A Literature Review, Journal of Mental Health, 21(5): 485-498

Policy/Implementation of Policy

Brooker,C and Stoddart, Y (2005)

Offender mental health care pathway, Department of Health

Brooker,C., Ricketts,T., Lemme,F and Dent-Brown,K (2006)

The evaluation of the mental health in-reach collaborative

Brooker,C., Parsonage,M., Fox,C and Duggan, S (2008)

Short-changed: The cost of prison mental health care: towards more equitable provision

Brooker,C. and Ullmann,B (2008)

Out of sight, Out of mind – The state of mental healthcare in prison

  • Policy Exchange, London

Brooker,C and Ullmann (2009)

Inside out: the case for improving mental healthcare across the criminal justice system

  • Policy Exchange, London

Brooker,C and Birmingham,L (2009)

The psychiatric aspects of prison revisited

  • Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, Vol 20, Supp 1, S1-S5

Brooker,C., Gojkovic,D., Siridfield,S and Fox,C (2010)

Lord Bradley’s review of people with mental health or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system in England: All not equal in the eyes of the law?

  • International Journal of Prisoner Health, Vol 5, No 3, 171-175

Brooker,C., Denney,D and Sirdifield,C (2013)

Probation and mental health: who cares?

  • Submitted to International Journal for Prisoner Health: Viewpoint

International Policy

Sirdifield,C., Gardner,M and Brooker, C (2010)

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Training in a European Probation Training Curriculum

  • The European Journal of Probation, Vol 2, No 2, 23-38

Gojkovic,D., Brooker,C, and Owen,S (2010)

Prison reform in Serbia: a case for mental health?

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Brooker, C., Denney,D and Sirdifield, C (2013)

Mental Disorder and Probation Policy and Practice: A View from the UK

  • Submitted to the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry


Ricketts, T., Bliss, P., Murphy, K and Brooker, C (2005)

Engagement with drug treatment and testing orders: a qualitative study

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Prison Mental Health In-reach Services

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The second national survey of mental health in-reach services in prisons

  • Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, Vol 20, Supp 1, S11-S28

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Introducing Mental Health In-reach teams to English prisons: An organisational case study

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Personality disorder in a probation population: Validation of a brief screening tool

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Trends in self-inflicted deaths in English and Welsh prisons (2001-8): towards targeted interventions

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Mental health disorders and probation: a prevalence study

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Brooker,C and Glyn,J (2012)

Probation and Mental Health

  • The Centre for Mental Health, London (Briefing Paper 45)

Pluck,G and Brooker, C (2013)

Suicide attempts, deliberate self-harm and ideation among probation supervised offenders

  • Submitted to Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Pluck,G., Brooker,C., Blizard,R., and Moran, P (2013)

Personality Disorder in a Probation Population: Demographic, Substance Abuse and Forensic Characteristics

  • Submitted to Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Health Needs Assessments

Brooker,C., Fox,C., Barrett,P and Syson-Nibbs,L (2009)

A health needs assessment of prisoners on probation: report of a pilot study

  • Probation Journal, Vol 56, No 1, 45-59

Sirdifield,C and Brooker,C (2012)

Detainees in police custody: results of a health needs assessment in Northumbria, England

  • International Journal of Prisoner Health, Vol 8, 2, p 60-67

Education and Training

Brooker,C and Sirdifield,C (2006)

Mapping the introduction in custodial settings of a self-directed workbook in eight CSIP patches

  • Journal of Mental Health Workforce Development, 1,4, 29-35


Brooker,C (2006)

Education and training and offender mental health (editorial)


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Brooker,C and Ramsbotham,D (2014)

Probation and mental health: who cares?

  • British Journal of General Practice